NEKitesurfing's - Offering something for all North East kitesurfers - a busy forum which is the hub for kitesurfers in the North East. There is a locations guide and calculator to help beginners and people moving to the area find the best spots for the given winds and a weather page showing all the forecasts and current winds for a favourite spots on all 1 page!






NEKitesurfing has a very popular kite forum focussed on kiting in the North East. It's the perfect place for kitesurfers to chat about whats going on in the area, discuss their last session and arrange the next one. We have so many amazing quiet beaches it's nice to know someone else is heading out with you!

We have meetings, diary, beginners, sales, video and photo sections which are updated on a regular basis with all the latest news on kitesurfing in the Northumberland and Teesside area and further afied.

New members are joining on a daily basis so if you live in the area and aren't yet a member what are you waiting for?

North East forecasting and live data at your fingertips! It can be hard searching for all the relevant forecasts and live wind stations so we've done it for you. All you need to check the current and forecasted winds and waves in the North East all on 1 page.

We are affiliated with, providers of weather stations at Newbiggin and Druridge Bay and have iframes set up for all the typical spots via most people's favourite; WindGuru

Also be sure to check out the 3 day surf forecast via iframe from Magic Seaweed. As soon as those Northerly winds roll in it doesn't take long for the swell to build!



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